Why does chrome tell me site is not encrypted and how did this happen?

What happened was last night I unplugged my router and plugged it back in today. I'm lost!

Also, router firewall showing attempts by?? I can post screenshot when I return.

I'm not asking for a fast answer because I have to leave for quite a few hours but am hoping by the time I get back someone will educate me!

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @Grammie_SueXs3
    Thanks for your post. As I can see from your screenshot, You are accessing your router page and that router page is showing a non-encrypted page. Is that right? In this scenario, I would advise having a conversation with your ISP and then if you want to reset router password you can do that. 
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  • Grammie_SueXs3Grammie_SueXs3 Member Posts: 16
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    My thoughts are to just reset to factory and start anew. I don't think it's an intruder.

    If I don't get any advice I will go ahead and start over. I do think it was my bad.

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