What Fingbox are you all running?

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Pooh poll time. This time it's real simple: just wondering what version of the Fingbox (if any) folk are rocking).

The original v1 has multiple circular LEDs and has straight sides, the v2 one has a single LED and is more curvaceous. So, this said, what you all rocking?.
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What Fingbox are you all running? 9 votes

Fingbox v1 - I'm an old-timer!
PoohpcsasdnetologyTomFTrainRiderdjc 6 votes
Finbox v2 - I like my Fingbox with curves...
atledyeRickT49 2 votes
Mixture of both v1 and v2's - I like complicated networks :)
LexB 1 vote
I don't have a Fingbox yet
What's a "Fingbox"?
I have a v3 from the future and it'a great!


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