What did you do this weekend?

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I hope you all had a nice weekend & are staying safe? As the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation escalates worldwide, I know we are all impacted in different ways. For sure, these are challenging times. However, I am a believer in ‘with challenges, comes opportunities’, and trying as much as possible to turn a negative into a positive.

In Ireland for instance, we are all very much trying to self-isolate as much as possible. Rather than focusing on terms such as ‘isolation’ & ‘Quarantine’, which I believe brings the focus on negativity & restriction, I focussed on the potential benefits of 'isolating' & tried to treat the weekend as ‘Hobby/’Get Stuff Done’/Family days. Some of the things I got up to during these days:

  • Music:  Practiced my Banjo (still learning – I will always be ‘learning)
  • Training:   Done some home workouts
  • Gardening:  Sowed onions & garlic in our back garden
  • Read:  started a new book called ‘Legacy: what the ‘All Blacks’ rugby team can teach us about Business Life’
  • Home DIY:  continued to do some DIY work on the Baby room
  • Crafts:   last year I took part in a charity event. I have been meaning to compile all of the memorabilia in a deep-dish frame as a montage – finally got that done.
  • Drive:  we had some sun (in between the rain showers – standard in Ireland), whereby myself and my wife went for a drive through the Dublin & Wicklow mountains.

I would love to hear about or see what you all got up to this weekend, and any ideas to share would be fantastic? (perhaps we can all borrow ideas from each other)

PS:  I understand that some people will be more affected by COVID-19 than others, and hence possibilities may be more limited. I am certainly not belittling that. But I firmly believe that we all have to play our part, and part of that is staying active, positive & healthy. This will pass, lets come out of it as a strong as each of us can :smile:

Thank you all, and I hope you all are staying safe.


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    You are getting pumped up @Ciaran, nice work.

    This weekend I rested, went to see my mom for a few hours, worked on an Android application, surfed eBay for a good deal on a RAM upgrade for my laptop and a desktop motherboard (found RAM but not motherboard). Just a light, lazy weekend. After hearing about yours I truly feel lazy.

    COVID-19 is beginning to be worrysome here in the states although I worry about our international brethren more. The public school system in my state and a lot of others is shutting down, there is panic buying of anything related to virus prevention (hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap/wipes, etc) and even everyday items such as eggs, toilet paper, paper towels and such. A lot of companies have began implementation of work from home programs, some places are even shutting down altogether such as the casinos in Las Vegas, this is unheard of. I'm glad our government is treating this global pandemic with utmost importance before it hits the US as hard as other nations.

  • Ciaran
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    @rooted, not at all, that sounds like a productive weekend also. And good to get some down time also. Every weekend certainly wouldnt be like that for me, but this weekend I was determined to go the extra effort to ensure it was productive and positive. Good for mind and body.
    Regarding actions taken in the US, everything you have described is what has happened in Ireland (St Patricks day is called off tomorrow) and it is needed. Each country is learning from the next, which is good. Panic buying is unecessary but I guess I understand peoples concerns, but the problem is when people start unecessarily panic buying and then more vulnerable people are left without...or indeed medical staff. Initially we saw 'panic buying', this has subsided when people realise that supply lines are fine and there are plenty for all. But the main thing is that we all work as a team, contribute in taking precautions and making efforts, taking care of others, but also taking care of ourselves. We will ride this out :smile:
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