Wi-Fi attack detected

krowseyekrowseye Member Posts: 1
I got four notices of Wi-Fi Attack detected within 2 minutes this afternoon, but there's no additional details, and nothing happens when I click the notifications in the app?


  • rootedrooted Gulf Coast, USModerator Posts: 787
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    Likely someone was performing a deauth attack against your WiFi. Fingbox would tell you if a new device connects meaning they were successful.

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     Hi! Unfortunately, I have hackers. About 6 months now . They intercept phone calls, text, email and also reroute my calls on landline. They have prevented me from installing any type of router, but I actually slipped FING by them. UNFORTUNATELY, they changed the ip address to their network and I’m unable use the FING. I can see them on the FING app but there’s no option to delete or block them. What can I do? How do I get rid these parasites?.

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