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Why there isn't a version of Fing Desktp for Linux? Especially considering the fact macOS is unix based.
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    Hi @maxmonz
    Thanks for the suggestion. I have made this post as an Idea and please make sure to upvote the initial post if other users want to get this implemented as well.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • WestdamWestdam Member, Beta Tester Posts: 1
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    Agree. Id love a Linux app too.

  • vhradicevhradice Member Posts: 2
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    Will the windows version of Fing run under Wine?
  • vhradicevhradice Member Posts: 2
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    Just for grins, I downloaded the windows version and tried it under Wine.  It installs and will load but it does not recognize my network. 
    Why don't intelligent developers acknowledge the presence of Linux in the internet community and make their apps work on Linux?
    How many people know that there are more devices running Linux than any version of windows?
  • hotrodmilthotrodmilt Member Posts: 1
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    How about a Raspberry pi .img based on Rasbian?
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