Can Fingbox follow a Thread to my CO/Smoke Detector? Can it see electric meter read by Zigbee?

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IEEE 802.15.4 is a technical standard which defines the operation of low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPANs)  Google/Nest Protect CO and fire alarms have all sorts of sensors in them.  They talk to each other over 6LoWPAN/Thread .  My Nest Hub Max could be a Thread gateway to Wi-Fi.  Is it?  My electric meter is read by ZigBee.  How much of that information is leaked out?  Can Fingbox detect that traffic?
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    @WA4OSH, great question.  Do those communications ultimately require a gateway or some other box to forward to the greater internet?  If that’s the case Fingbox would pick it up from the gateway device out.  I’m doubting though that it would be tracing communication path up from the source.  So if there is some attack vector Fing would problem think it was the gateway device and not the ZigBee device for instance.  

    Hey @robin , any thoughts on this from FIng’s perspective?

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    I expect ZigBee will get transitioned to Thread since thread carries IPv6 all the way to the sensor or actuator, and ZigBee does not.  Furthermore, ZigBee needs a profile for everything.  Thread has no idea what the application layer is doing.
    Currently, cable modems and ADSL routers don't support 802.15.4 (with either ZigBee or Thread running on top).  I expect this to be an eventuality so that the V6 pipe to the Internet does not rely on Wi-Fi and it's cheap to integrate an 802.15.4 chip onto the router board.  Later, I expect that System on Chip manufacturers will provide 802.15.4 standard MAC and PHY layer.  It's software on top that determines what the Network and Transport layers are doing -- ZigBee or Thread.  

    Fingbox will never see Thread or ZigBee unless it pushes ahead and becomes a 802.15.4 gateway through to Ethernet or a participant of the mesh by providing that hardware.  

    Can a rogue Thread device potentially communicate directly to other devices without ever going over IP, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?  I believe so.  It will be part of the mesh.

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