Trying to program C#

I am trying to get a list of all the IPs on my local network.

is the first thing that Fing does, it gives you a list and then it pings all the addresses to see who is responding.

I want to know how to get the DHCP list from the router, I write in C # but I would accept any language and I can figure it out.

interestingly, Alexa does not appear to respond to pings, and are listed as generic devices.



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    I was wrong about Alexa, it is just the echo-flex that does not respond. Also it was a couple of other devices that did not respond one being the skybox

  • RobinT
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    @Robin, @Marc, @kltaylor, @rooted and at all Members....any ideas on this? (Thanks for the query @RobinT)
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    @RobinT , it depends on the Router. Not all have remotes calls that would allow you to dump the DHCP tables. Would you be able to tell us your Brand and model? Maybe someone knows a documented or undocumented way for that model.

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    It is a sagem router provided by talktalk. Fing manages to do it and If you interrogate it starts a talk talk app that lists the addresses.

    Unfortunately it’s not as simple as interrogating that address as it manages to encapsulate the data in a load of other rubbish.