When ONLY the BEST will do ?

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Sysops.... feel free to  remove of relocate this post as you guys see fit.
Ok.... 'ere goes. Am I the only one amongst our esteemed members who is using Maglite flashlights... or torches as we tend to refer to them?
Before I wax too lyrical about these flashlights, let me explain why they are so important to me. As some of you might know... I run a large animal sanctuary in rural Ireland. We are fed on overhead lines on a dedicated 11KV transformer. Sadly... while not too frequent, the recent spade of nasty storms can easily knock out the power to us.
Flashlights to us are vital and crucial. ( yes we do have a standby generator but it is nowhere near big enough)
Maglite torches are in our opinion the very best money can buy. They are in use by the Police, First responders, fire brigades, ambulance crews, and the military.   I sort off think that if it is good enough for them... it oughta be good  enough for us.
Since we never know when we might need them most, one specific feature is crucial to us. The Charge electronics for the Rechargeable versions have sophisticated electronics. You can leave the torch in the charging cradle for a year and it will not overcharge, or damage itself.
The cradle is a work of art. No other way to put it and will hold the torch in ANY position, including upside down !
On max brightness, they exceed the 1000 lumen light level, and at their minimum setting they can run for over 70 hours ! Batteries are Lithium, Phosphate ,Iron, just about the best you can currently get.
Ok.... post is getting too long.... so I am shutting up. But I would very much welcome your comments on this post. At 75 years old I have been taught the hard truth of the following sayings:
1) The joy of the low price is soon forgotten, but the misery of poor quality lingers on forever.
2) Buy cheap ????  Buy twice !
3) What price a life ?
Heh....Do feel free to tell me I am mad (nuts).

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