What does, "Please acknowledge new network by providing a context." mean

When I look at my pc version of Fing, Notifications tab, the message, "Please acknowledge new network by providing a context." appears.  What does this mean and how do I acknowledge a new network by providing a context?

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    Hi @Gary_WS , I've moved this to the desktop inquiries area for you...
    What is being asked is whether the network your looking at is a home, business, open etc...  I guess it's a way to tag what type of network you're looking at.  I'm not sure if by tagging the Fing app is doing anything different however.  @Robin or @Ciaran can you answer as to whether the behavior of the desktop app changes based on the context or if its just a tag?

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    Hi @Marc & @Gary_WS
    Thanks for your post. Based on the Context you set up on Fing Desktop, it will run different checks on your network. Also, it will adjust the network size best suitable for your selected context.
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