Phantom mac address triggered upon Windows 10 boot with Event Log Service enabled

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My Fingbox is notifying me of a new mac address that joins my network every time I reboot my Windows 10 computer and it only happens when the Windows Event Log service is started. And the mac address goes offline shortly after it comes online. If I disable the Windows 10 Event Log service and reboot I no longer receive the random mac address. I can replicate this problem every time.

I noticed the problem when I upgraded my Windows 10 computer from version 1809 to 1903. And the problem continued to happen with Windows 1909. It would appear that in the way that the Windows 10 Event Log service works, my Fingbox is seeing this randomly generated mac address. And I am not sure why. And to get even more weird this only happens on a hardwire connection. It does not happen on a wireless connection, which would have made more sense since at one point in time Windows 10 had the mac access randomization feature but only for wireless. But the problem happens only on a wired ethernet connection. And if I install another NIC it happens on that NIC too. I have other Windows 10 machines on my network that does not seem to cause this issue. I've done the following...

1. Repair installed the OS
2. Performed <code>DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
3. sfc /scannow
4. Compared the random mac address with the mac address's of my NIC and they never match
5. Tried a different NIC
6. Tested a wireless USB adapter and the problem doesn't happen on wireless. Only hardwired.
7. If I disable the Windows 10 Event Log service the problem goes away. But as soon as I add it back the problem comes back.
8. I can disable the NIC, reboot, and then re-enable the NIC while on the desktop and the problem doesn't happen. So it would appear the problem is triggered only once during boot.

The only thing I have not tried is a complete OS reinstall but it would takes weeks for me to re-personalize my computer and put everything back the way it was. And since this is more of a nuisance and not a serious issue an OS reinstall is not necessary.

Any suggestions?