What does "Some device is not able to get in network" mean? mean?

Several times over the last few days my fingbox has given me a warning, "Connectivity warning in [Network X]: Some device is not able to get in network", where network X is either my home network or my ISP's, and sometimes either network is qualified with (, which is the class C block of my home network, and sometimes either network is unqualified.
What does this mean? How can I find out which device the warning refers to? More to the point, how can I troubleshoot this warning?
Everything happens not at all or at the same time


  • rootedrooted Gulf Coast, USModerator Posts: 864
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    I get the same thing, in my case it's my router. It's listed twice, once with an IP and the other without. It's supposed to mean there is a device without an IP address on the network indicating an issue.
  • hopadhopad Member, Beta Tester Posts: 20
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    This same thing happens often with my ecobee thermostat. I'm not sure if Home Assistant is causing the issue.
  • DavidFDavidF Member Posts: 34
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    I see the same thing with my Withings devices (sleep, scale, etc). I think Fing has a hard time with devices that sleep for long periods then wake up to transmit/receive data and then back to sleep. 
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