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I just downloaded the Fing Desktop app and wanted to read the community messages promoted in the email announcement. I thought that I was supposed to create a forum/community account that was different than my normal Fing account for web, mobile apps & Fingbox, just as I do on most forums/community sites. But it appears what I did was create another account for the same thing and now it wants me to add a network again. The URL and go to the same login page for the Fing account. So am I supposed to have 1 account for both Fing and the Community? Should I close one or combine them in some way? 

The new account used a variation of the email address I originally used, and eventually I'll need to change the first account's email to this email. With 2 accounts, it seems the new one today will prevent me from changing my email on the original one.


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    Yes it's the same community, if you created a new account you will indeed have two. We will have to wait for @Ciaran to help us with this particular issue, it may be Monday before you hear anything as the Fing crew are off on the weekends.
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