How do i get my fingbox repaired. The centre of the micro usb is loose inside the fingbox

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How do i get my fingbox repaired.  The centre of the micro usb is loose inside the fingbox.
I have 2 fingboxes as i have 2 isp's and 1 fingbox has always been difficult.  While moving its location it started to rattle and i noticed the centre of the micro usb was missing.  How do i get it repaired.  I was an early adopter and the faulty box is my original box

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    Hi @Mikegt3000, this is something the Fing staff might be able to help you with.  @Robin or @Ciaran , can you advise how to proceed?
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    Hi @Mikegt3000, thank you for your query, I have sent you a private message as we will need to get more details from you e.g. MAC address & e-mail address. Thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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