There are 2 devices on my network with the same I. P. But diffetent mac address, what does it mean

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I have 2 devices with same iP, I know one is my brother`s cellphone but I don't recognize the other one, is this normal? 2 devices same IP?

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    Generally, each device has its own IP address. If two devices have the same IP, it creates an IP "conflict". However, do you have any range extenders, or other APs (Access Points) on your network, to include mesh devices? If you are seeing this in the Fing app, can you provide a screenshot? It may be possible to determine what the other device is, by looking up the first 6 digits of the MAC address (XX:XX:XX), at this site:

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    Here's that screenshot, and there is no extender or another AP that I know of, but i could be wrong.

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    Jayschez said:

    Here's that screenshot, and there is no extender or another AP that I know of, but i could be wrong.

    I believe this article may be of interest to you:
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    All the screenshot is showing is those two devices had that IP at some point in the past. It doesn't mean they have the same IP at the same time. Those devices will be on DHCP and the router has assigned them that IP when they connected to the network. If one of those devices was connected to the network with that IP, when the other device connects it will get a different IP. Nothing to worry about here.


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    Thanks for the link, I'll do some more research. It might be nothing but it's weird that now it has been offline for the last 3 days. Thanks again for the info.

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    I have a similar issue.

    I noticed my home WiFi, 400meg was running slow so I downloaded the Fing app. At first, all the devices-DVR’s, iPhones, modem were all labeled correctly. I noticed a few days later that my IPhone was now listed as IPhone DVR? Same IP address & it now shows 3 DVR’s!? I don’t have 3 DVR’s!

    My neighbor has in the past hacked my WiFi by finding the login & password on the bottom of my modem/router! Seriously. The have done this several times & the kids have even told me. We have changed out our equipment & we are doing it again on Monday. Could they have added a DVR or hacked us? I’m new here & hoping I can get this resolved. TY!

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