People tab switches disappears on app launch

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For at least a month, the people tab in the disappears when I first launch. To get it back, I need to select devices, scan my network, and then it will appear.

I am using the on iOS.

thanks for your help in advance. Doug


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    hello . Have you tried re installing as it may be a corrupted app version? Just asking
  • DougrsDougrs Member, Beta Tester Posts: 2
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    Yes, I’ve tried to sign out and sign back in. I also for a separate reason just had to do a reset of my phone with fresh installs of all of the applications. The issue still occurs.

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    Hi @Dougrs, we have had no other reports of this. The People tab will not appear for 1 of 2 reasons:
    1) If a user is not logged into the account associated with the Fingbox (clearly you are in this case)
    2) If a network, that is not linked to the Fingbox is chosen (you can see this at the top of the main app display)

    Next time this happens, just have a quick look at the network, to see if it is perhaps automatically landing on a different network (perhaps a previously scanned network). If so, this would explain why the People tab does not initially display. 
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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    I do not have the PEOPLE TAB. I can not ASSIGN USERS. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app. I'm a mom. Bought this device for parental controls and so far I have none. Please help.
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