How can I find a hidden device through Fing App?

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Long story but I have a crazy brother in law. He is very narcissist. He knows every second I arrive at my family’s house. He will appear a few minutes later and also knows about conversations I’ve had.

Im convinced he is either the devil or has Installed a spy device at my family’s house. I scanned for connected devices to the WIFI and it came up with the router, my phone and also another device called ‘generic’. Does this mean it’s a spying bug or hidden camera? There’s nothing else that uses the internet.

How can I find this hidden device?


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    Hello @Venus888, I moved your post to the appropriate section so it will get the proper attention.

    The generic device could be anything, does Fing list a manufacturers name on the right side?

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    Hi @Venus888

    In order to retain all the networks and device customizations saved, please make sure you are signed in to Fing App

    Also, I would like you to make sure that you have enabled all permissions required for the Fing app to operate. Please go to phone settings and set location permissions so Fing App is able to read the SSID correctly. And also, please make sure that other required permissions for Fing app are enabled as well and then open Fing App and run a scan to see the changes.

    With new Android and Apple O.S versions, the location permissions are mandatory for the Fing App to operate and identify all the devices on the network. If you have not enabled the location permissions then every time you scan the network then Fing App will not be able to display the access point name and the device customizations will be lost and revert to the default value(Generic).

    If you are using an Apple device to run Fing App, please go to Phone settings, and then enable the 'Recognise Device' option to view all information.

    If you are using Android, you need to open the Fing App settings, and then look for option ‘Device Recognition’ and enable it.

    And, if you are unable to see the location permissions for the Fing App under phone settings then, I would like you to follow these steps and location permissions pop up will appear to be enabled.

    1) Open Fing App and go to 'Network' tab

    2) Click on the ISP tab and it will open the Network page

    3) Click on "locate" and location permissions will be enabled.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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