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Hello Fing Community,

Recently I took notice an unknown device has been connected to my AT&T home WiFi network. Yet, Fing and my AT&T app don’t show it connected. Only when I log into my router directly does it show. The device also renamed itself as an iPhone and now today it doesn't have a name and the connection Type is masked. All that is shown is the MAC address.

i believe an ex friend of mine planted something in my apartment and that it is hidden in my bathroom. Previously it showed showed a signal strength of in the red, which is what my own phone has in the bathroom area. This ex friend of mine would spend a lot of time in bathroom and recently before we ended the friendship, I caught him lying about using the bathroom. Also the previous signal strength showed red just like my phone would in the bathroom. He is good with technology or knows people that are. How can I locate this device. I feel like it’s a spy cam. The weird thing is the MAC address registers as apple. Oh and I was able to get an IP address, because the one time it renamed itself as from unknown to an iPhone it had an IP address associated with it. Please see below the screen shots of this device accessing my WiFi. You will see based on the dates how the person has tried to mask or alter the device on the site. The only way I recognize it is by the MAC address. Anyone, I’d greatly appreciate the help on locating this device.

IP Address:

MAC address: 74:42:8b:b5:e3:44



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    Not sure how you can locate the device but you can change your wireless login information to your router and it will no longer be able to connect.

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    Jordan, unless the item is battery powered ( could well be ), it will require pwr to it. Rules about electrical power in Bathrooms are STRICT, at least here in Europe they are.  First suggestion. If you can get to your breaker box, trip the breaker that supplies pwr to your bathroom. Check your router? Is the item still listed? If not, you might have cut of its supply and that will narrow the sphere of investigations. Look for ANYTHING out of the ordinary. But bear in mind that some spy cams have lenses smaller than a Pea size. Look into light fittings as they will supply a ready made source of mains pwr. However... here in Europe, lights will be on a different circuit than any mains appliances, so bear that in mind... you might have to trip more than one breaker. Shaver sockets/lights , mirror lights, Ceiling fictures, heated towel rails, Exhaust air fans, most bathrooms have them , etc etc. are another ideal place to stick a spy cam., all those items do have mains pwr and with a spy cam the size of a peanut lens, you would be hard pressed to spot them. For a person with reasonable electrical knowledge, you could wire a spy cam into such an appliance in less that 15 minutes. ... check it out . It could be that pwr, if it requires mains pwr, is fed from an adjacent room, or ceiling, if your ex partner knows what he is doing that wouldn't be too hard to do. If the item is showing RED it means that its emitted field strength is low, or marginal. And yr router is only just about able to receive the signal. Perhaps the cam is partly shielded by a metal item and thus cannot put its full signal strength out.
    There are many more steps you can take... I see that your router is assigning a DHCP address to it.. One way to consider is to LOCK all yr other kit MANUALLY to their corresponding MAC address and than limit the number of IP addresses that the router can assign, or better still. Disable DHPC address allocations by the router altogether.  Most decent quality routers have a setting for this, but where it is located in yr Routers menu varies widely.
    See if you can find the manufacturer of the Items MAC address, it can tell you more.
    Hope this is of some use to you ?
    Please Do let us know how you get on?
    oh... Best solution of all? Stick a Fingbox on your router and BLOCK EVERY SINGLE DEVICE that you cannot place, or know off. Pretty foolproof and it might well beat a video of you being taken without clothes on in yr bathroom. What price Peace of Mind  Jordan?
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    If the device has night vision it should be easy to find. Make the room as dark as possible so the Nightvision kicks on. Then take out your phone and turn your phone camera on. Look around the room with your phone camera.

    If there is a Nightvision device in there then it should show purple lights on your screen.

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