Can we block or unblock a user in Fing app?

JozeeJozee Member Posts: 1
Is it possible or if there's a way to block unblock a user specially children for study times?ill be feeling obliged for guide lines.thanks


  • mozarellamozarella Member, Beta Tester Posts: 111
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    If you are using a fingbox, yes. You can set up user and "connect" devices to that users. then block internet during a scheduled time. If you want to see more features about fingox, you can read here:

  • AlbertAlbert Member Posts: 97
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    Jozee, see Mozarella's excellent answer. A fingbox will do that for you, but it can do so many more things ! Have a read of its many functions. these days Jozee, the Internet is no longer a safe place, and a Fingbox will help to keep you safe. Do give it a try, you can buy one via Amazon, and if not happy... return it in the return period.
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