Losing google.com access

I am getting intermittent access to google and FING gives me this error:   
www.google.com is not browsable, SSL Handshake failed:  The network connection was aborted by the local system 
I'm running Windows 10.  Any ideas?

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    Andre said:
    Hi Robin.  Thanks the note, but I have all internet access except google, which is intermittant
    You can try to perform a power cycle of router or 

    Reset TCP/IP

    1. Users have also confirmed that resetting TCP/IP can also fix non-Google websites not opening. Open the Win + X menu with the Win + X hotkey.
    2. Click Command Promp (Admin) to open an elevated Prompt window.
    3. Then input the following commands separately: netsh winsock reset catalog
      netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
      netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log
    4. netsch winsock command website not opening except google
    5. Close the Command Prompt after entering each of the above com
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