Hi I came across the thread above and it's a very interesting one as I have LG TV 2019 model, so

I understand this thread is from 2013 but am hoping someone could shed some light on the APP call FING I ran a test FIND OPRN PORTS FOR MY LG TV and I looked and on the list was this and when I looked online I came access this site.

The app has came back with the following


1984= big brother / Big brother monitoring server (weird)

2015 cypress

3000 PPP / User level PPP dominan or chiilisoft

3001 nexus security scanner damian or chillisoftapp

18181 check point opsec

Can any shed any light on the ports open above and they are.

When I typed the big brother one into Google it came up with TV listening app

Regards Simon Wainwright

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    Hi @Lifeguard74, welcome to our community.

    Yes, the post is outdated, but I believe it still holds some truths today as it did then.  We live in a world where 'free' things have to come with a cost, and in most situations (especially with 'Smart' TV), it wants to show you advertisements, which it receives payment for, of things that may be of interest to you.

    If your open ports are concerning, the main thing that we can suggest is to disable UPnP in your router settings.  Where this option is located is strictly dependant on the model of home router that you use, however, this will allow you to have a more proactive approach on open ports, and have a knowledge of how to open and forward those ports if you choose to allow it.

    I guess what it comes down to is, it's a necessary evil in the world that we live in today.  But you can make the decision on how you want to proceed from here.
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    Hi Many thanks for the quick response to this question.

    When I first purchased my LG smart TV it does have a tick box with regards personal data but if you don't agree with that then some apps ie you tube don't work so the smart TV is useless so wouldn't the point of sale be commented on by LG, or but then again huge companies are not going to ask people at the point of sale that "you are purchasing a smart TV but just to let you know it will collect personal data though" you if they did that they wouldn't sell any smart TV.

    Am not bothered anyway they can collect data about what I watch...

    While your reading this the original post with the open ports to my LG TV do you know what some off them mean as I ain't a clue....

    Many thanks

    Simon z

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    The port forwarding option on my Asus RT-AC87U router is turned off, and Fing confirms that there are no open ports.  As far as I know, there are no downsides to leaving port forwarding disabled.  If someone can provide an example for which this is the wrong setting, that would be appreciated.
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    @AustinJerry @kltaylor many thanks for the reply.

    I didnt have any ports open either when i went to fling.

    The inly problems i have is am not technology savvy so if someone would be kind enough to take me though how to make my router secure and anything that woukd make it so no one can access the router or use my WiFi it would be appreciated.

    Am with the post office on fibre using a router called ZYXEL VMG3925-B1OB

    Also i have a outside pan and tilt cctv camera that is wireless but i use a ethernet cable, i recently downloaded a app called ONIVER and this can detect my cctv from just my router by a scan but when i done this i input the ip address off my router and it showed the CCTV in all its glory without me inputting the CCTV main apps username and password.

    So i was bit concerned that if someone downloaded the same app and scanned it woukd come up woth the ip address off my camera

    This then would let them control the CCTV.

    Any help steo by step in securing my router would be grateful and if i need to change ie UNP or NAT.

    I dont know how to port forward either.

    Regards Simon

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