Having issues with the LAN network on my Virgin Media box

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Hi all,

I'm having a confounding issue with my Home Network setup.   I have a Virgin Media Broadband connection running into the house. It's the reasonably new Virgin Media router (less than 6 months old).  The house is wired Cat6 to most rooms with the Netgear 24 port router which serves the wiring loom connected directly into the back of the Virgin router.  I also have an Apple Airport repeater plugged into the back of the Virgin Router - this is serving separate 5G and 2G networks - in total I have three Wifi networks (1 from the Virgin and 2 from the Apple Airport).

In my office (where I have a load of devices) I have an 8port 1Tb Switch which is plugged into the house Cat6 network via the main switch. It's this switch that I have my FingBox, Cisco IP Phone, MacBook, house Printer, a NAS, etc all connected to.

Once a day - normally over night the wired network screws up. I wake up with the FingBox running an amber/orange light and the wired network in my office is screwed.   Due to the distance to the Virgin Router (and the steels in the house) I tend to turn WiFi on my MacBook off and, due to the LAN being messed up the MacBook loses connectivity to the Internet as well.

It's happened almost every day this month and, to be honest has been happening for quite some time.   I've spoken to Virgin and they have said there is nothing wrong with the router or, the connection to the house.  If I do a soft reboot on the Virgin box it SOMETIMES fixes it but I tend to have to do a HARD Reboot on the router.

I'm loathe to do a FULL RESET on the Virgin Box due to all of the devices (Nest, etc) hanging off the WifI networks.

Any ideas ?  I had been thinking I'd try to run up a Zabbix network monitoring setup on a spare Windows box I have floating around to see if it can find anything weird with the setup.

Any ideas?


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    Hi @AussePete, welcome to our community!

    First, thank you for the detailed explanation of what you're experiencing, I agree that the need to reset devices every day is going to 'grow old' rather quick.

    What is the WiFi signal strength there where the Fingbox is located?  I wonder, since when you reboot it mostly fixes it if there is a signal strength issue that drops during the late/early hours of the day.

    Are you connecting the Fingbox to the Apple Airport, or is it connecting directly to the Virgin (insert silly joke here) router device from your ISP?  Have you tried to change bands, channels, SSID's, etc.?
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