Block access (UltraSurf-Freegate-Tor)

Hi folks! This FingBox supports up to how many connected users? Is it immune to "UltraSurf", "Tor networks", "Freegate" and "VPN" apps? If not, are there any settings to block access to these applications? Best Regards.


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    Hi @Lazim, welcome to our community.  By connected users are you referring to the account that you connect FIngbox with to the Fing app?  That would just be the one account, so if it's going to be a shared email account to use please keep that in mind.

    Some of the services I can understand about blocking them, why would you want to block a VPN?  Fingbox cannot block applications on an individual device, however, there are other factors that you can use such as a DNS(OpenDNS, Pi-Hole) that can help you mitigate those services on your network.
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    Thanks for your time and knowledge @kltaylor. Let's imagine a scenario where only one of the 243 users is using a VPN application (example: TurboVPN) to access something inappropriate. Or a scenario that the user wants to circumvent Squid on the network and use UltraSurf for that ... will the FingBox block access to the network of these devices completely or just the protocol used for this improper connection?
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    Hi @Lazim

    The way the Fingbox block is through ARP poisoning and DNS Spoofing.  So what is happening is that when you block a single device, the computer DHCP address and DNS entries gets changed and pointed to the Fingbox.  So this device is not blocked from getting to the internet or internal resources.  
    For more information on ARP poisoning and DNS Spoofing see the following links:  
    Blocking is done by DNS/Blocking Spoofing.  
    The Fingbox/App work to pause things by a process called ARP poisoning/Blocking.  

    If any of the devices is using the MAC radomization or using IPv6 then device block/Internet Pause wont work. 

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