Hi Folks. Does a HW Firewall make sense for me?

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Hi Folks... Raw novice here so pls bear with me. I run a small Network for a charity. Been reading the forum on H/W firewalls.  Thank you to all who contributed to this interesting thread. My question is straight fwd.  Would it pay to invest in a Fsense SG1100 H/W firewall for me ?  I am a long term ASUS router user and use Trend Micro as my S/W antivirus and firewall.  IF SO..... does the SG1000 have to replace the ASUS router ??? I would prefer not to have to do that as I am intimately familiar with the ASUS unit and at 75 years old... ye olde Brain is not as flexible as it used to be and am trying to keep learning new stuff to what is needed. Many thanks for thoughts and comments.  Albert
PS: I am a long term FingBox user.

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    Hi @Albert, welcome to the community.

    That really depends on the charity and the data that they are transferring to and from their network.  If files are sensitive, contains CC data information, etc. Then the answer would be 'Yes'.  

    A hardware firewall would replace the ASUS router (which I use as well) but it would also be a steep learning curve.
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    Many thanks for your quick reply. I do run macrium automated backups on all critical data so even if the worst came to the worst i can restore files as well as all critical H/D's. I also run critical data into the cloud, as well as on double layer Blue Ray Disks.
    My UNPAID 100hr working week leaves no time for steep learning curves.... by 10pm I am burned out Ken. I love my ASUS unit... simple and straightfwd and it has 8 ports, supplemented by another (dumb) switch. I am a great believer in ye olde fashioned cabling... but having said that ,the ASUS handsomely copes with the 20-25 wireless units on the network.
    So all in all Ken?  I should follow your advice and leave what works well alone.