Weird device on AirBnB network

I'm currently in a AirBnB in Argentina, and just in case, I figured I'd look for hidden cameras. I didn't find any physically, but I did find something weird on the network.
On the IP address of the AirBnB network, there's a device with a MAC Vendor of Beijing Hanbang Technology that has the rtsp and rtmp ports open. As well as the dsf and html ports.
I tried connecting to them (through VLC for the rtsp and through Chrome for the html), but they both ask me for a password. The html page doesn't say anything apart from asking the password, but the icon for the tab on the network looks like Instagram's app icon, without the fancy colors.
I tried looking online about Beijing Hanbank Technology, but I didn't find anything relevant.
Would any of you have any advise on what I should do next? I was thinking of trying to brute force the password somehow, but I don't know how to, and well, I basically just want to check if this device is indeed streaming a camera in the room so that I can find that potential camera.
I hope I'm just being paranoid ^^'



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    Actually, looking for Hanbang technology a bit more, I found this website, and it doesn't make me feel better... could be DVR, or an infrared camera XD
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    I'd kill it... reset the wifi or perhaps even check if was wired and follow the cable... ultimately I may also just add another device and hardcode it with the same IP address and or MAC to perhaps disable a hidden device that way but both of those solutions may leave the device recording locally if not uploading to the cloud.    Check the usual suspects.. smoke detectors, clocks, etc,, but google how to find infrared and how to determine if your phone can detect infrared by using a remote... discusses your concerns and even refers to fing.

    I don't know how anybody would be dumb enough to put a camera on the main network... practically every modem or router has guest/multiple WIFI so it would be possible to hide devices, or even AP wifi isolation which prevents clients from communicating with other devices on the wifi so devices wouldn't be detected by fing and only by paranoid searching.

    Finally something not mentioned anywhere I've seen, if it's a large home or even 2 bedroom, there is probably a circuit breaker... power everything off except the router/internet and check for the mystery device... turn on rooms until you determine where it may be... can probably narrow location to a room or two.