Mac address keeps changing on router in Fing.

I have a Cisco E2500 router,  in fing it will show up in two places the mac address is the same except the last two digits  one is A5, the other is A6. When it shows up the IP is the same, but one of them is grayed out. I can delete the grayed out one, but it will come back at some point. The router never drops out and continues to operate,   seems like a weird glitch.


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    I'm guessing it's due to your router being dual band, two separate MAC addresses.

    When you delete the offline device and it comes back it continues to be greyed out it offline?

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    I did disable  the 5 ghz so it's  only transmitting on 2.4,, but that might not  totally taking it out.
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    Hi @Master9
    Thanks for your post. I believe the two MAC address is of the same router but of different frequencies. Your router has multiple network interface which provides multiple frequencies(2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), and the devices are able to connect to multiple access points then you will see multiple names but only one will be active at a time and others will be greyed out. Even if you have disabled one frequency, the ethernet card is still active.
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