Where do I update the Fingbox's physical location

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Our physical address, run thru Google, always produces a wrong physical location on maps - by about 3/4 mile. I have 5 Fingboxes on various VLANs here. 4 are at the correct geo location, one is at the wrong place driven by the street address. I recall in the past having to ask Support to reset an outlier. This gets a bit nuts, though, as I'm adding a sixth Fingbox for yet another VLAN. Maybe I'm suffering from end-of-week-total-cluelessness, but I have not been able to find a place in the Android, iPhone, web or Win apps to set the lat / long. Please point me in the right direction! Tx.


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    Android App - Tap on "Network", at the bottom. At the top, it should show you your ISP, with your (incorrect) location. Tap on that. Tap the "Locate" button. See if it gives a "more" correct location. If not, tap on the "Edit" button. You should be able to input an address there. I'm not certain, but I believe it will use your smartphone's GPS, for an accurate location.

    Desktop App - Click on "Connectivity", on the left. On the right, click on "Scan for devices". Once the scan completes, at the top, you should see "Location". Click on it, and you should be given the option to enter an address. Make sure to click "Save Changes".

    I didn't see an option for lat/long, but I hope this helps.

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    Thanks @Scooby. All works as you indicate except that the app appears to be oriented to street addresses only. In the past, the only real correction was to have support enter lat/long. In lieu of a street address, I entered coordinates from an app. That seems to work based on viewing the map in the app, although the coordinates were replaced with a completely incorrect street address at approximately the correct geo location. So this is a viable work around. We definitely need to update the app to accept either street address or coordinates - and keep whichever the user enters rather than translating to street. While not an issue in cities or suburbs, it's likely more of a problem for us rural dwellers. B)