IP addresses and ftp query

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ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL

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    You should try to discover network with Fing, if you have Android mobile, it should tell you MAC address and guess recognition.
    If you have apple, that hides mac addresses on your mobile, but you know the MAC address of the unknown device, you could try from https://recog.fing.com
    Even better if you are beta testing the Fing Desktop, that provides the best discovery, like the Fingbox... you should be able to check device details from there.
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    Some routers have "built-in" media/file servers. FTP is a common, older protocol (way) of uploading or downloading files from a file server. If your router has a "built-in" media/file server, FTP may be enabled, by default. Your router's manual may have info.
    Is the unknown IP Address within the range of your router? For example, if your router's IP Address is, is the unknown IP Address in the range of thru
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