Helping Hand 4: How to Search for Post?

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For our 4th ‘Helping Hand’ we have compiled a short video of How to search for the post before asking on Community so that if there is already a post present then you can refer that post or add your comment.

Some of the main benefits of this are:

  • To avoid Duplicate question/post/discussion.
  • To know the answers to questions which works.
  • Add comments to the ongoing discussion will help get relevant responses.

You can search for a post from the Home screen by typing the question which matches your issue correctly or you can go to any category and search for your issue related post.

See attached a brief Video of How to Search a Post. We hope you find this ‘Helping Hand’ useful.

If you have any ideas for a ‘Helping Hand’ + would like to contribute, Please DM @robin/@ciaran.


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