Anyone heard of “Redpine Signals?”

I have an unknown device that keeps popping up on my network.  Only identifying info that Fing can detect is the MAC address of 00:23:A7:D8:D6:14 and the MAC vendor as “Redpine Signals.”  Anyone ever heard of this company or know what the device might be?


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    Do you have any IoT devices using Zigbee? Such as lightbulbs, temperature monitoring, etc?

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    Plenty of IoT devices, not sure if any are Zigbee, but all of them show up in Fing. Here is the list:

    Lutron Homeworks system

    Nest thermostats

    August Smart lock

    Chamberlin MyQ garage door interface.

    Ambient Device Weather Station.

    Like I said, all of these showed up in Fing., so it is something else showing up as Redpine Signals.

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    Hi @Joedavis44
    The Redpine Signals are manufacturers of semiconductors. The Fing App discovery will identify devices on a best effort basis, based on the information made available by the device, e.g. the MAC address. I believe any of your IoT devices is being detected as Redpine Signals. You can try to remove the device and try to run the scan again so correct device can be identified. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Block the device. See what stops working. Also a great way to track down a user hogging up bandwidth. They will start complaining pretty quick when you cut them off.

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