From who do you measure internet performance ?

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When I look at internet performance in my country using this link I can see a lot of usefull data. But the data you show, is it only from users that has a FingBox ?


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    Hi @Mike_Watson , try this link... In it, Fing explains how they derive much of that data...

    Example.... (Sample from the above link)

    Fing Internet Speed Test

    The Internet Speed Test aims at giving you a measure of a realistic speed achievable with real Internet services, not a formal speed sustainable just within the “last mile”.

    For example, is provided by Netflix to measure the real speed to the closest Netflix video servers. is a commercial service getting its revenues from selling the data to service providers and, by default, it gives you the speed to a server within your service provider network, not the speed of a service on the global Internet.

    The Fing and Fingbox Internet Speed Test is provided by our partner, Measurement Lab. M-Lab is one of the most trusted independent labs for network measurement, backed by academic institutions and used by Google and other large Internet companies.

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    Hi @Mike_Watson
    The link that you are using is for the LIVE ISP outages. Please check this article and it will provide you explaination in detail:
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