Connecting to Fing Community via the Fing App

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Am I missing some simple way to do this? Connecting from IoS device using the App vs. using a separate IoS browser seems like a logical possibility.
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    The FIng community is just a website, the fing app is an app that talks networking. It never works well having an embedded browser in an app when there's full blown apps that are far better at doing this.

    Case in point, on iOS I have Spark Mail - it has its own browser built in to the app that it uses for links. I find that a real PITA because it's so limiting and whenever possible I use Safari to open the links.

    Now, having a link to the community that could be opened - that sounds more possible to me.

    @VioletChepil this does lead me to an interesting question: I know that, for us, our customers are very heavy mobile users of our website, and that far outweighs desktop users. You have a breakdown for the fing community?
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    Perhaps a less onerous solution would be to just have a link from the App that will open the community in ones existing browser?
    Edit:  Just noticed the middle of @Pooh 's response, yup, completely agree on the link idea!
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    Hey all! We plan on having some links in there. We just have not launched yet. I'm doing a really slow/phased roll-out of the community. @Marc @pwmeek @Pooh
    This is because there are 250k app users a day in Fing App! So just wanted to get things tweaked here with the founders, and slowly add more assets pointing here. This is to ensure we can handle volume, establish the right tone/environment.
    We're working on a few fixes on SSO social Login and then we'll do an email launch and add the mobile app (estimated in early September!). I hope this clarifies things a bit. For now will be just link to mobile website. In the future, I'd hope for a more integrated experience! 

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  • VioletChepil
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    @pwmeek we do have plans for this and I know something is in the works to make it easier to navigate to.
    Also, there is a poll going on too on this topic if you'd like to cast your vote: 

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