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I love Fing -- dumped the other Android network tools save one on my tablet and phone -- but I would like to suggest folding in one feature supplementing your current traceroute list?

Would you add a traceroute map akin to the Android app Intrace: Visualtraceroute (by DDM)? 

A traceroute often returns only the IP number. failing to put a name and location, on the list of connections. A visual map of the connections helps one to figure out where in the world the path wandered.

(I had a telephone BBS online 1981-1992, and a visual traceroute helped to identify regional master clock timing discrepancies causing connection difficulties from different areas of the country and world.)

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    OMG @baudwalk, yes that would make a great feature for the app.

    (BTW:  I was a SysOp back in the day, too  Actually still run one on a Raspberry Pi, but that's another story)

    I am a visual person, so having the ability to visually see a general location of where the IP originates would be a great, and useful feature to add to the Fing App.  Thanks so much for suggesting it.

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    Thanks for the positive reply. Currently I use a RPi0 hotspot in a digital amateur radio network -- DMR, P25, NXDN, YSF -- that depends on the internet to connect through servers in the USA and around the world. When the network slows, there are dropouts and artifacts (we call them R2D2) as packets are lost or swapped around, and the visual traceroute would help with pinpointing unlabeled hops that would give us more information to pass to the several network administrators. Obviously there are many other uses too. If a visual traceroute  component could not be folded into Fing itself (preferred), I would also welcome a standalone app from Fing developers. Here's hoping...
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have turned your post into an idea and for others who want this to be implemented please 'upvote' the initial post. Thanks again
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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