Why would smart light bulb show as camera on Fing Scan?

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I unplugged and/or turned everything off then back on one by one so I could name them on Fing. My kitchen light is showing as a camera, unless I am not understanding the scan report. I was going by the icon to the left of the device. Going to try to attach a screenshot. Thanking you in advance for your assistance.


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    Hi @Shae, welcome to our community.

    If the icon in the Fing app shows as a camera and not as a light bulb, I think that it's just a coincidence and would change the icon to what it represents properly.  Sometimes if I haven't specifically set a scan result to represent something, it could provide a 'best guess' of what it is.  I think that your approach to setting up your network map in the Fing app is the best.  I recommend that process as part of a troubleshooting tactic when things aren't represented clearly.
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    Thank you. I repeated the process of turning everything off/unplugging then on again. I moved the light bulb to another room. I even removed that particular light bulb and re-installed. Apparently, it is that particular bulb because it is still showing as a camera on Fing...still think it is okay? I didn't realize I was was able to change the icon myself, thank you! I have security cameras and other smart bulbs.. their icons are correct. I have had some break-ins at my home recently, so I am absolutely overanalyzing everything, I apologize. Thank you for your time.