Device list is overwritten after logging in Fing app with new phone. Unintended sync behavior.

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  1. I usually use Fing app on my phone A and scan my network ESSID=N.
  2. The device list syncs with I'm happy.
  3. I got the another phone B and scan the same network ESSID=N by Fing app without logging in.
  4. The device list appears only on phone B. I'm happy.
  5. I login on phone B, it overwrites my device list of ESSID=N in Not syncing, just overwriting. 

I guess I should login to Fing app on the new phone before scanning my network ESSID=N. It's my fault. But I think it's common situation for other users. I hope I could have an option to merge them or to be warned before overwriting at least. Anyway I think Fing is the first app everyone should use to scan their networks. It helps me a lot. THX :) .



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    Hi @TakashiSasaki, thanks for the suggestion. You can merge the duplicate networks by login into the Web app and then click on the Settings icon after selecting any network and then click on Merge networks and for your feedback, I will share this to our Dev team for consideration. Thank you.
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