I am being hacked by a pervert who has alot of my bio info and changes passwirds etc. How can i catc

Help me catch a PERVE who has alot of my bio data and can change passwords by actung as me. Police no help. I have taken precautions and am armed but i would rather find out who it is. Can anybody help me or direct me how to do this.



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    Hi @Ttred  I am sorry to hear. Please see the following threads that may be of use to you. The first 2 threads are of other users that have experienced similar issues. The third thread is of some general advise offered by our Community on how you can 'harden up' your network.

    ·         Hacker problem 1:     https://community.fing.com/discussion/comment/9508#Comment_9508

    ·          Hacker problem 2:     https://community.fing.com/discussion/comment/9742#Comment_9742

    ·         Steps to harden your network: https://community.fing.com/discussion/comment/9237#Comment_9237 

    You can also search for further examples and threads by using the search bar at the top of the 'Home' page and typing 'Hack'. Of course if any other Community members have any ideas, please feel free to contribute. I hope this helps. Thanks

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    Hi @Ttred, welcome to our community.

    The first question that I would want to ask is, what makes you feel that you're being stalked, hacked, etc.?

    There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure your safety and privacy, a few of those were posted by @Ciaran in the previous message.  I'm curious though about the reasons you feel this is happening to you.  If law enforcement hasn't acted on something like this, especially in a digital world as it is, then please provide without providing intimate details any screenshots, log files, etc.  

    I look forward to hearing back from you about this.
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