The USB Port on the fingbox : ideas for making it a really useful extension to the fingbox

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From my understanding - please correct me if I am wrong - this doesn't have a use for really except diagnostics ?  Are there any plans to possibly extend it's use?   

I understand there is the general issue that this is more development / cost, but there would seem to be so many amazing things you could do with this.

Amazingly useful things it could do that come to mind...
  • Support common UPS data standards, so that if you plug your UPS into the fingbox you would get an alert from fing when there is a power interruption.  
  • Support data storage so that some extra level of reporting / analytics could be permanently saved and referenced either in the fing app or manually by the user assuming it was in an easy to process data format
  • Support for certain external wifi / bluetooth usb radios to extend the scope of fing's ability to scan the local wireless activity

I'm sure others would have many great ideas... ?


  • VioletChepil
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    Yes @adam you are correct! It doesn't currently have a use or planned one. But the option was just there/included when we were designing the hardware. So we left it in but didn't have a use at the time.

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  • adam
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    I for one would pay for some extra functionality via this port... it seems like such a wasted opportunity. 
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    I was hoping for some sort of Print server functionality...
  • max2198
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    could be used for a backup 4G/5g modem support to notify when internet connection goes down