Unable To View IP Addresses

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I ran a network scan this morning from my iPad (iOS devices are all I use for scanning) and while the connected devices on my wireless network displayed, their IP addresses are no longer there. Before I try resetting my Network Settings to see if that resolves the issue, or uninstalling, then reinstalling the Fing app, I thought it prudent to ask for help first. I’ve not changed any settings unless it was inadvertently. I may be reaching, but would our ISP have anything to do with it? I switched a couple of weeks ago, but kept the service of my original ISP in case the new ISP didn’t work out, switching back and forth to run speed tests on both, but never had any problem till now. I’ve disconnected the original ISP’s router so only one network is active. Any ideas would be much appreciated!


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    Are you running 8.8.0?

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