Cannot Open ports with my phone?

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Hey guys, so sorry about the question, but I didn't find any similar answer.

So I have two mobile phone and when i open the router on the same network, I can't open port with my first phone, actually I can't open the admin site, but my second phone is do it without any problem

Should I fear cause spying, or paralell network in router? Is it possible?


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    What type of devices are you using, the one that works and the one which doesn't?

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    @Gabe thank you, I have slightly modified the title to reflect the query and hopefully attract more responses. Thanks
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  • GabeGabe Posts: 2Member
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    Im using samsung galaxy a20-not working, no getaway connection, and samsung galaxy j7, this one is working, but 2 weeks ago the other one was also good, so maybe they banned my phone, but its weird, becausei can connecting to the network, but the admin site is unavailable

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    when you say you cannot open a port what exactly do you mean?  You cannot open an individual port on your router or you cant even access the router?  Can you access the internet?  Are you using the same browser?  Are you connecting via http or https?
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