How to Delete my fing Account

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I'm looking for a way to delete my account. I can't seem to find where I might be able to do that.
Seems like something that should be pretty obvious, yet I don't see it. There's also no easy way to contact the Fing company (no contact form, etc.).

Someone please advise.


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    Hey @ChrisLord2010, see this thread for a how to...  

    or (Pasted from the thread)

    How do I delete my Fing account?

    Set-up a new discussion in the Fing App category, and Fing Team will open a ticket to delete your account. We can only do this manually via our support ticketing system. Fing support and community team will process these requests between 9-6PM UK time Monday-Friday.

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    Based on your request, I have deleted your account.
    We hope to welcome you in near future.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    [Deleted User]
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