Speed test running wild

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So I upgraded to 400mbps download and 20 and the upload. Spectrum really test and everything is fine. My cable modem is a gig speed so should handle 400 easy. Speed test through Google Nest pulls around 400-435. Which is correct. Fing app speed test only pulls less 100mbps. Was downloading a game on Xbox for my son and would only download at less then 50mbps. Xbox is hardwired into a switch. So I go to the computer also connected to the switch and do a speed test from speedtest.net and doesn't go over 100mbps. So to start troubleshooting the issue I took Fing out of the picture and unplug the fing box. Restarted the switch and cable modem and mesh system. Everything comes back online and the computer is now pulling 400+. Xbox was already done downloading that game. So I couldn't see it. So I decide to plug the fing box back in and for a little while everything was running fine but now we back to the same issue. Everything past the mesh is slow, but the mesh is running correctly. Am I missing something?

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    Cable internet speeds are usually highly variable, I have Gigabit DOCSIS 3.1 and my speeds range from 150mbps to 600mbps all day everyday.

    Now you could truly have an issue but more testing will let you know, but I think it is likely a coincidence.