Is there/will there be a standalone interface for the Fingbox?

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Currently Fingbox is attached to a fing app, but it's not always clear what is being done by the device and what is being handled by the app.  Periodic speedtests are reported by the box to the app, but a requested speedtest does not utilize the device, it seems.  Trying to access the device directly via its IP address shows a static message like "device is being recognized" that never changes.

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    Hi @true91...  As you've noticed, there is no web interface to Fing and last I heard, they had no plans to make one.  You might want to put in a feature request for that if its something you want them to consider.  What you did see when browsing to it was a new feature Fing introduced to facilitate greater device recognition by having a device do directly against a Fingbox via the devices web browser.  If you hunt through this site, you should be able to find more info on this feature.
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    Hi @true911, no we have no plans to introduce a stand alone interface for the Fingbox. @Marc is referring to the Fing Desktop which is a new product that we are currently Beta testing. To note, this is a seperate product from the Fingbox and hence Fingbox features cannot be managed from the Fing Desktop (it could be considered as a high powered, desktop version of the app). We are currently testing basic functionality and will be looking to build this out. You can download and install manually from
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