Anyone with a Winston experience Fing disconnects??

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Backed an Indiegogo (kickstarter) for Winston, network security, and after setup, began to have intermittent internet connectivity, going on/off online frequently. Fing came offline and back also. Opened a ticket with Winston support and they're looking into the issue. Meanwhile I disconnected Winston to have internet normalcy, which required to reboot the modem, router and Fing. Internet is stable again, but Fing keeps going offline and back online - while everything else in the network is still online. Has anyone acquired a Winston and experience these issues?


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    Hi  we will reach out to you privately to investigate further (as we will need to get MAC address, email address etc. I will not ask fir this publicly) Thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)

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    Sounds like a plan. Fyi, Winston said it worked well with Fing.

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    I am having the same problem, but with my Arlo (camera) smart hub. Arlo replaced the hub without effect. Disabling Winston had no effect; it had to be removed. I have reached out to Winston. I did not see a problem with Fing.