Upgraded FiOS Router - added WiFi Extender - MIM Alerts

I recently upgraded my FiOS Router and multiple extenders for the brand new FiOS Router - with one extender. New Problem - FING keeps alerting me to man in the middle attacks - I have trusted the new hardware - I'm confident that this is just a settings issue and not an attack - but would like to fix this and stop getting alerted


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    Hey @Presscontact , one thing you can try is connecting to the extender and doing a scan from it.  That might help in helping Fing realize what it is.
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    Hi @Presscontact

    We have come to realize that if you have multiple access points and if some devices are connected with both then you might find this gateway change alert. Even if the new device get connected to a different access point and Fingbox is connected to another access point, then Fingbox will detect it as some other access point is redirecting the traffic and thus giving you with an alert. We are trying to make the experience better so User can accept the gateway and then it does not ask again for the same access point. 

    I would like you to follow these steps: 

    1) Turn off the router/extenders and Fingbox 

    2) Wait for a minute or two. 

    3) Make the connection of Fingbox with the router directly if not done already. If you are using an extender/switch, then make the connection with it. 

    4) Only Turn on the router and then wait for another minute or Two. 

    5) Turn on the other network device like Switch/Extenders and then wait for a minute or two. 

    6) Turn on the Fingbox and then re-install the Fing App after clearing up the cache as well. 

    7) Sign in with the Fing App 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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