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Regarding the ‘people’ categories how is this most commonly used? The obvious is to assign specific personal devices to specific users (I.e. phone, tablet, laptop, etc). Ok, so what about the admin do you create a person for them? Odd people categories for that. Also, you can create your own names and is that intended for categories like Network, Smart Home, etc.

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    Hi @MotoMike
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    Hi @MotoMike33 , I use the people categories along with a fingbox to let me know when my family comes and goes from the house.  The way you do this is to create the user, assign a device they use that they take with them like a cell phone, and then when they leave it will make note of it as well as when they return.  I'm sure others will chime in with ideas but this is what I do with it.
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    Thanks for your response. Makes sense.

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