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For the last several months, I have been routinely receiving this alert: "New or Rogue Access Point detected." I normally receive this alert daily at different times of the day, and it always lists one of same two MAC addresses. The MAC addresses are not listed anywhere in my system and when I run the MAC address identifying tool the results just indicate the vendor as "ARRIS" with no other information. I haven't been able to identify this equipment, and I'm trying to figure out if these alerts are legitimate concerns or if I should just "trust" them in the Fing app. Any help or insight would be very much appreciated.


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    Hi @JohnP

    It can be false positive as well as there might be a chance if you have any Arris router then it is picking up it as Rogue access point. Please check this article and follow the steps: 

    We have come to realize that if you have multiple access points and if some devices are connected with both then you might find these type of alerts as Fingbox is trying to monitor the network for changes and if any of the devices is trying to connect to any of the access points and if it is not being able to recognize the device then it gives alerts. Even if the new device get connected to a different access point and Fingbox is connected to another access point, then Fingbox will detect it as some other access point is redirecting the traffic and thus giving you with an alert.  

    I would like you to follow these steps: 

     1) Turn off the router/extenders and Fingbox 

    2) Wait for a minute or two. 

    3) Make the connection of Fingbox with the router directly if not done already. If you are using an extender/switch, then make the connection with it. 

    4) Only Turn on the router and then wait for another minute or Two. 

    5) Turn on the other network device like Switch/Extenders and then wait for a minute or two. 

    6) Turn on the Fingbox and then re-install the Fing App after clearing up the cache as well. 

    7) Sign in with the Fing App 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    ARRIS is a vendor of communications/networking equipment, most commonly see in the home as a "cable modem" (SurfBoard), and/or wifi:
    What ISP do you use? Comxast Xfinity, for example, has the Xfinity Wifi Home Hotspot feature:
    "How does the Xfinity WiFi Home Hotspot work?
    Your Wireless Gateway broadcasts an additional xfinitywifi network signal for use with Xfinity WiFi. This creates an extension of the Xfinity WiFi network right in your home that any Xfinity Internet subscriber can use to sign in and connect. This Xfinity WiFi service is completely separate from your secure home WiFi network."
    Do you happen to be using Comcast Xfinity and have an Xfinity Wifi router?