Continued hacker problems



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    Also check out Android vulnerability test suit. Ie vts if you use an android...

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    So what if the perps clones a devices mac and ip that's already on your network? gets the handshake from your router thinking it belongs there. Ever hear of packet injection? Mim attack? There is no such thing as a safe on the internet. My proof SELinux. Made by big brother for big brother and it's affiliates.

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    @BossMcMurder If one is being stalked it's best to let the police handle it, of course (my) nature says confront the person/s but (my) intelligence says confrontation leads to violence which is best to avoid unless absolutely necessary.

    I'm as far from the hall monitor type as you can get, I aged and try to settle issues intelligently vs going in guns blazing as I may (or may not) have done so in youth.

    Having a neighbor hacking at your network is different than having a stranger sit outside your home repeatedly, at least in my eyes. Your advice about proactively hacking back applies to the former in my opinion, the police can handle the latter.

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    Hi All, thank you all very much for your input on this query. A lot of really constructive, both technical & practical, advise being offered based on the situation posed. I do want to remind everybody of our Community Guidelines, in particular 'Be welcoming & respectful towards other members. No question is too simple. We want to ensure that our Community remains a welcoming place for all members.' To date, we have managed to keep it this way. I am sure we can all relate to other platforms/communities where the tone has turned quite negative very quickly. and agree that that kind of environment is not a very nice place to be. We welcome constructive comments/suggestions/opinions, based on the discussion/question posed. We will not always agree with one another, and thats fine (and in many ways healthy), but it would be great if we could respect people's suggestions/ideas/comments/posts and help keep this community a positive place to be. Thanks again all.

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