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The user groups in IFTTT don't match the groups in the Fingbox app. How can I assign users to the guest user group that is listed as an option in IFTTT?

Thanks in advance


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    I don't currently have a Fingbox but perhaps someone that does can help @Marc @vulcansheart

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    I’m not a user of that automation.  Let’s open it up...  @Pixelpopper , @kltaylor , @eJony, @Ciaran ... Do you partake in the IFTTT automation route and have experience with matching group names?
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    Hey @Mordorf
    You need to select the Fingbox as Home Fingbox from the network tab and click on ISP. Then it will provide you with options "Home, Work" etc. Select Home and then create a separate user and assign devices to it. The new user needs to be put in "others' Category to be taken as Guest.

    1) Go to ' People' tab and then click on the '+' sign

    2) Either choose a contact from the list or create Custom.

    3) Fill the details and choose the category for that user.(In your case: Others)

    4) Select the device for the user from the list below.

    5) Click 'Save'.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Excellent, many thanks for all your help everyone.

    Very much appreciated:-)

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    I can't seem to get this working with groups. I have a couple of watched devices I want to trigger something but it's not working. I have a couple of other connected devices with triggers using specific users and this seems to work ok. Any ideas?

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    Managed to sort of get it working. I had to add the users to the Help group. Only problem is the devices keep coming and going on/offline. I suppose I need to increase the timeout but was wanting to keep it to a minimum of one minute which seems to work fine for both my wife and my phones that are connected rather than just watched.