Device Location

I have devices connected to the wifi as 'generic'. Any ideas how to identify its actual location? Tried removing it but it keeps connecting back again.


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    Do you have a fingbox? If so read this. using the app, click on devices. Then click on the generic device, click 'pause internet' or even block. When you realize that a device is no longer connected, you can then allow it back on. next edit the information so you will know what it belongs to. If you have a weak password and realize someone is in your network, then it would be advisable to change the password.

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    'Generic' is just a catch-all for non-registered MAC vendors. You can kick the devices off your WiFi by changing your password, and reconnecting the approved devices. If you are trying to discover the location of the devices, you can use the digital fence feature on a Fingbox to monitor the signal strength thereby estimating a distance from the fingbox.
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