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Being a bit of a data nerd, I like graphs and data (and honey, but I digress).

It would be great if I was able to view some historical data from my little pucky-pal, the Fingbox. Even better if I could export it to either CSV, XML or JSON so I could really dig into it using something like Tableau or PowerBI.
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  • adam
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    I want as much graph data in the app itself too and right now there are a few screens that sorely need it that dont have any and just have nearly unreadable lists of info.   

    However past a few more graphs one solution may be that fing can export its data in a way compatible with apis of other reporting cloud services.  I haven't used any directly but I understand that there are quite a lot of solutions such as , Mozilla's Web Thing API that can do this.
  • Sargasso
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    The top item on my wishlist is to get my fence data downloaded.
    Just exporting as a csv file via email would be fine to start. 

  • VioletChepil
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    Have you tried the new export functionality? I believe we'd added some new formats too. HTML, JSON, CSV, XML.
    just turning this into an ideas thread as well. 

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