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Will developers add a VPN function to fingbox? And does fingbox alert on WiFi attacks or do we just never know all has taken place.Also does fingbox stop virus and or malware. For private response to my questions please send non public messages.


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    Hi! Great questions. I think there is a higher end offering from Domotz (related to Fing, but not exactly the same) that includes VPN. FingBox does not, to my knowledge and I'm a fan and avid user of my FingBox, provide VPN. The FingBox provides network monitoring, does provide WiFi attack alerts, and in that respect helps stop virus and malware attacks. But FingBox is not an intrusion detect/prevention system.

    I love the alerts I get when devices connect to my network (and Fing prevents them from connecting until I approve the device). I love the WiFi performance monitoring, the ISP performance monitoring, the open port monitoring and detection feature, the digital timeline of assigning a device to a person and showing when the device (or person) was seen as connected, and the ability to block/pause internet access on a particular device. It's a very nice was of gently moving toward much more sophisticated network management.  


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    I agree and enjoy all the features also.The feedback from fing community is highly amazing.Very happy the community trys to help out other fing and fingbox users.

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    @eJony covered your original questions pretty well. The fingbox is not an incredibly sophisticated device - it's meant for home use afterall. But, the things it does are very beneficial to the average homeowner looking to add a layer of transparency and control to their networks. As you build and learn more complex solutions, you may start adding new components like subnets, VLANs, firewalls, IPS/IDS, etc. But, you'll probably always have a use for the fingbox. And yes, it's a small (but growing) community that jumps at every chance to help a new "finger"
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